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Senior Health Tips for Men 50+ (10/16/14)

firefox-grayWe all know that our healthcare needs change as we age. What one person might need to do to take care of themselves at 20 may change as they go through their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It’s important to be aware of your healthcare needs for your age in order to live a long and healthy life. For men over 50, there are some health issues that may come up and are important to understand. [Read More...]

Balance Training Exercises to Prevent Falls (1/26/14)

firefox-grayBalance and Mobility can become a quality of life issue as people age. The fear of falling can become life altering, and that fear can become a self fulfilling prophecy due to the subsequent lifestyle changes, as people become afraid to venture out they become less active. In this article the background on the severity of falling will be discussed. But then solutions to conquering the fear of falling and continuing to live with high levels of confidence, and functional independence will be described and depicted. [Read More...]


Exercise is the Key to Preventing Falls (11/23/13)

firefox-grayExercise promotes balance and can contribute to a sharper mind, which aid in preventing falls. With falls amongst the elderly and related psychological, physical and financial costs a real concern, it’s important to not only address exercise routines, but make the home a safer place in the event of a tumble. Gentle forms of exercise, such as tai chi, are the most ideal for elderly people aiming to develop basic fitness. [Read More...]


Successful Aging: Optimizing Life for the Second Half (11/15/11)

firefox-grayThe impact of the physiological changes of aging is determined by our attitude as we age. "Successful aging" stems from and results in an enhanced quality of life. People who age successfully are healthy, energetic people leading active, vital lives. By staying healthy, fit and engaged with life, we contribute to society and maintain our self-esteem. [Read More...]

Aging and Memory

Causes of Memory Loss (11/9/11)

firefox-grayAs we age, it can be difficult to accept some of the inevitable declines that we experience. Many of these are normal signs of aging, but others can be symptoms of an underlying disease. Loss of memory, deteriorating cognitive function and personality changes or moodiness can indicate dementia. Diet, supplements and mental activities may slow memory loss. [Read More...]

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Supplements and Nutrition for Seniors

Lifestyle Changes to Maximize Bone Strength (1/3/13)

firefox-grayHalf of women and a quarter of men over 50 can expect to break a bone as a result of osteoporosis. Not only do broken bones have an impact on physical health, but they can also affect mental health and emotional well-being. However, thinning bones and their associated fractures do not have to be an inevitable part of ageing. [Read More...]

Trends in Alternative Medicine (11/15/11)

firefox-grayMost of us have heard of complementary and alternative medicine. Some find it to be helpful, while others are apprehensive just at the thought of going outside their comfort zone where their medical care is concerned. None of the therapies that will be mentioned are meant to replace any current care you are receiving, but merely as options to possibly enhance it. [Read More...]